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About School Of Data Sciences

Being the first of its kind, the School of Data Sciences of ZUFE has over 1000 undergraduate and graduate students. It has four undergraduate degrees, including Economic Statistics, Applied Statistics, Financial Mathematics, and Data Science and Big Data Technology, a doctor's degree in Economic Statistics,  and two master's degrees in Statistics and Applied Statistics. Among those, Statistics is the First-class Discipline (Class A) and Key Discipline of Zhejiang, and Economic Statistics is the Construction Point of the National First-class Undergraduate Majors and the Advantageous Majors of Zhejiang during the 13th Five-year Plan period. There are five research directions, such as Socio-economic Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Financial Statistics, Risk Management and Actuarial Science, and Big Data Statistical Methods and Applications.


The faculties in our school are outstanding in their professions, well-distributed in age, and warm-hearted mentors. There are 68 faculties currently, including 40 (58.8%) with senior titles. Among them, 45 (66%) have doctor's degrees, 28 (41%) have spent over 6 months studying and working abroad. We have also hired 4 scholars from famous universities abroad to be our teaching scholars, who spent two months in China every year. There is one faculty entitled the National "Ten Thousand Talent Plan" leading Talents in Philosophy and Social Sciences, and the National Cultural Celebrities (a.k.a., the "Four Batch"), one faculty entitled the first batch of the "Five Batch" Talents in Zhejiang, seven faculties entitled the New Century "151" Talents of Zhejiang, six entitled the Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders in Zhejiang, one entitled the New Talent in Teaching of Zhejiang, two Excellent Young Teachers in Higher Education Institutions of Zhejiang, and two Outstanding Returning Scholars of Universities in Zhejiang. 11 faculties are anonymous referees of over 50 international journals, including Journal of Business Research, Biometrics, etc., and one is the editorial board member of the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.


The research results are quite fruitful in the past decade. There are 13 projects be funded by the National Science Foundation of China, 15 projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China, 6 projects founded by the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education, 16 projects founded by the National Bureau of Statistics, and about 50 projects founded by provincial foundations. Our faculty members have published 161 research articles in top-notch journals, including Journal of the American Statistical Association, Science China, Management Decision, Biometrics, Statistical Science, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Insurance: Mathematics & Economics, Resources Conservation and Recycling, Journal of Cleaner Production, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, Journal of Business Research, Economic Modeling, etc, among which 113 are SCI and SSCI journals. Over 10 books are published and over 10 research awards are received.


We focus closely on fostering students with rigorous scientific spirits, creative minds and international outlooks. There are four bilingual courses, including Multivariate Analysis, Econometrics, Statistics and Numerical Analysis. Students are enthusiastic in participating in academic competitions and have achieved quite a lot. In the past five years, they have received over 130 provincial level awards, and 9 Honorable Mentions in the MCM/ICM competition. About 26.54% of the graduates (in the last three years) have chosen to go to graduate school to pursue higher degrees, including 49 graduates (10.08%) who are studying in overseas universities, and 7 students (1.44%) who are studying in Columbia University, National University of Singapore, Johns Hopkins University and other top 100 universities.  About 35% of the graduates go to data analysis companies, 17.6% of them go to financial enterprises. Thanks to their solid background and strong practical abilities, our graduates are in high demand.


The students that we admit to our school are top-notch. The admission scores of 2018 and 2019 are both above 610, which means that only the top 10% applicants in Zhejiang can be admitted.